Grenet Lake 2016 Set1 Pics

Grenet Lake canyon was burned in the B&B Complex fire of 2003.

Both routes, via Mowich or Green Creek offer great scenery that did not exist prior to the burn.
Green Creek itself was totally dry until very close to the pond below Grenet.
There is a shallow canyon about 1/4 mile south of Green Creek that is actually fed by springs
so that is your last water source prior to Green Creek canyon.

The trail from the turn off at North Santiam River is rarely used and is narrow most of the way
to Green Creek canyon.

Wild Strawberries (Fragaria vesca) in bloom were everywhere.

The wild Iris were plentiful in the shady areas. Not sure what species this is.

One of the benefits of the burn is that navigating off the trail allows one to have distant
landmarks visible that weere never possible before the burn. This is looking nort to Terpentine Peak.

The Bear Grass was also in full bloom everyhwere.

Xerophyllum tenax

Grenet Lake Set2 Pics