Grenet Lake 2016 Set4 Pics

Mt Washington looking south from the Grenet-Mowich saddle.

Left to right: North SIster, Middle Sister & Mt Washington from the saddle.

I walked with about 8 feet of this fawn during the rain of a thunder storm.
I noticed something in my peripheral vision that didn't ook right.
Turning to look, I was astonished to find this fawn taking cover under some bear grass.
I thought it might have been dead but observing from a distance it was very alive and well.
I am suspect that I spooked it's mom before I saw here leave.

Lots of Phlox in bloom in the open areas that burned.

Looking south to Three Fingered Jack from the north end of Mowich Lake.

Duffy Butte from Mowich.

Mowich Lake in light rain.

Some snow bank still stuck to this little tree!

Dufy Lake and Duffy Butte.

Grenet Lake Set5 Pics