Jeff Park 2014 Set 1 Page

Jeff Park 2014 Set 1

Davy Lake and Pyramid Peak in the back ground.

It was a great sunny day on our way to the take off point.
There are no trails in this area of Jefferson Wilderness.
As soon as we were ready to put packs on it started to rain from a cloud right on top of us.

The lightning was bright and the thunder was loud.
The hail was the largest I have experienced in over 50 years of Oregon weather.
The hail pellets hurt bad when they hit, even through the rain hood.
You did not dare look up EVER!

Another view of Davy Lake looking east.

This is the hail after it had at least 30 minutes to melt!!

Davy Lake is no longer a destination lake for me since there are zero level tent
spots any where around the lake.
All level ground is populated with large rocks or trees or stumps.

Terry filtering water.

Looking to the south west at Dyna-Mo Peak in the center and Bear Point off to the right.

Jeff Park 2014 Set 2 Pics