Jeff Park 2014 Set 2 Page

Jeff Park 2014 Set 2

Davy Lake looking north.
Davy does have 8" Rainbow trout. They are picky.
I caught and released two of them with damsel nymph and Chyronomid nymph near surface.

Looking to the west to Dyna-Mo and Bear Point from a rock pile near Davy Lake.

Mildred, Slide Out and Swindle lakes are on the other side of this valley in the center of the photo.

The view to the NW from the rock pile near Davy.

Davy Lake from the rock pile.

A zoom in on Bear Point.

Pyramid Lake looking to the south east.
Shallow and no sign of fish here.

Pyramid Peak reflection in Pyramid Lake.

One of the inlets to Pyramid Lake.

Looking north back to Pyramid Lake while going cross country to catch the PCT.

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