Bridger Wilderness 2015 Set1 Pics

This was a "Bucket List" trip in to the Washakie Creek valley and the back of The Cirque.
I went solo to experience it that way, which was a first.
The climb out from the junction at Washakie Creek crossing to Shadow Lake is very gradual.

The scenery here at Shadow Lake was superb.
Shadow would be a worthwhile detour on the way to other routes north.
There is the added option for Brook trout, although they were picky and small.

Lots of great campsite options at Shadow and along Washakie Creek.
Lots means 100s with great views and good water access.

You could even pick a view campsite that would let you take in Mt. Geike & Raid Peak to the west.

Mt Washakie on the left (looking south) at 12525 ft elevation.

Had to go real stealth mode to get this shot.

The Bucks were in the climb well above Shadow Lk near Billy's Lk.

One of numerous water falls coming out of Billy's Lake.

Billy's Lake.

Marm's Lake Brook trout.

On the Continental Divide at 11800 feet just west of Illinois Pass.
This is the view looking south in to The Cirque with Pingora in the center.

Looking north to Washakie Lake and Peyson Peak on the right.
The MT, WA & OR forest fires really wrecked the views.

Here I am about 1000 feet from Illionois Pass, boots failing, snow flurries,
and no visible way around the rock pile in the middle of the photo.
Older Earthwalk Press maps reference Illinois Pass.
The newer Earthwalk Press map does not name Illinois Pass.

Breakfast at Washakie Creek on my way out to Dad's Lake.

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