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Some shots of EC Tribe '97.

Lara and her hunks. Pulling a hide dry

Lynx and Digger's brain tanned buckskin hides and felted wool blanket.

Roadkill and Harvest outside the Mandan Earth Lodge entrance.

Looking outside from inside the Earth Lodge.

A typical morning meeting where we find out who is teaching what.

Cattail doll workshop with the kids.

Alder at the pit bake.

Drums at night in the Earth Lodge.

Chris and Tyco in deep contemplation.

A grass hut.

Roadkill and River ouside the debris hut.

Roadkill and Molly and Stoney.

Roadkill and Wonia and her felt bowl.

Felting a wool blanket.

Jim Riggs teaching quickie bows.

The Friday night pit bake dinner.

A typical mid day main fire project session.

More drums in the Earth lodge. Those are Digeree Doos sticking into the center.

Willow and Stoney playing in a box.

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