House set105 Pics

At maybe 11 p..m. I got desperate to see how the polycarbonate would look and feel.

The east wall of the new radio shack insulated and wired.
I am using flexible conduit since the mice like to chew on the regular 14-2 Romex.

Rafters and blocking in place. The polycarbonate did not have convenient spacings in
the corrogation. To align the valleys with rafters would have required spacings of 21"
and 44 1/2", which I did not want to commit to since I do not know how well this scheme
is going to work out under snow load. So I opted for standard 24" centers and will add
some more blocking across the center of the span later.

Wild Iris near the kitchen door at the edge of the trees.

House Set 106 pics

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