House Set15 Pics

A view of the finsihed top plate.

This is a small section of shear panel. Plywood will go on the outside of this section
to provide bracing for the wall since it was nt clear just how much I could depend on the
steel T brackets on the posts to not parallelogram.

Another major annoyance---Using rough cut 6x6 posts meant that they really were 6x6 inches
on a side. That meant that 3 layers of dimensional 2x8 would not be wide enough to offer a clean
interface to the post edges. To get the full 6" of width we needed to add the 2x6 scraps on top
of the posts. This is one aspect of the project that I really did not like. Knowing that stucco
and the house ceiling would be covering the scraps warded off most of the annoyance.

House Set16 Pics