House Set23 Pics

This photo offers a bettre view of the pony wall theme. I will inherit about 16' x 48'
of open space in the attic with this design. I seem to recall that this approach cost a few
hundred dollars more than conventional scissors trusses. Well worth the extra money for
what it brings to added functionality for the house. Mike made the comment that the pony walled
space would make for nice sized house all by itself!.

The last section going in at the end of safe daylight.

This photo shows some of the metal spacers I used to help make sure that each truss was
spaced properly on 2 foot centers. These braces cost a dollar each as I recall, and well worth it.
Using these braces meant that I could quickly tie the trusses together before any of the roofing
went up, and that they were properly placed to align with the edges of the roofing.

House Set24 Pics