House Set32 Pics

An interior wall assemled on the floor. Note the diagonal bracing on it.
We used "let in" bracing for this feature. A 1/2" deep saw curf is cut across
the pre assembled wall frame and the L shaped bracing is place in the curf. Factory
made holes exist about one per inch along the 10 foot length of the bracing that allow nails
to be used to secure the bracing to the outer edges of the 2x4s. This method of bracing
provides an amazingly stiff and strong wall that will not parallelogram on you. This adds
to the structural integrity of the house itself when combined with the diagonal bracing on the
posts and the plywood shear panels.

This view shows the let in bracing scheme in place.
For most people, this tactic is intuitively obvious from the photo.

A second wall with door rough opening assembled on the floor.

House Set33 Pics