House Set40 Pics

Framing in a front door. This is a salvaged door that I intercepted from a major remodel
at an apartment complex. It is an insulated metal door. The lesson learned here is that pine
is a bad choice for door jams. It works, but has settled badly over the years. Also, for the time
spent on making the jam, I came to appreciate the convenience of an already jammed door that is ready
to screw in and be done with it. This door took hours to gt in to place and working properly.

My new water storage tank for inside the basement. This is 1550 gallons worth.
If this goes according to plan, we will have a manual pump option som where in the kitchen
so that we can have a water source independent of the well pump or electricity and if the
creek is running really low.

We had to remove and replace a post to get the tank in. (DOH!!!).

A window for the batchroom that opens and matches the other one.

House Set41 Pics