House Set45 Pics

Moving the new bedroom wall when Feng Shui collides with practicality.

The new entry hall way with temporary sheet rock.

Tipi poles in their new home.

My "Martha Stewart Eat Your Heart Out" front yard.
No lawn to mow here!!. Now all I need to do is find some dead appliances.
Note that the chicken ramp has yet to be replaced.

Placing the first straw bales inside! This is in the living room corner.

Now there are two rows of bales and I am filling in the corner.

I got lucky--The second bale is a nice clean interference fit.

Filling in the west wall. This shot is looking in to the kitchen corner.
The column on the left is now known as "the monolith".

Placing the last conveniently available bale on the west wall.
Most of this effort was to see how the kitchen counters will fit in to the corner.

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