House Set47 Pics

Looking out the living room window with about 2 inches of fresh powder.

A view out the kitchen window.

A shot looking west for those who can see color (I am color blind).
The afternoon colors for me were amazing.
I am not sure if the camera actually captured much in terms of color in the sky.

A lesson learned: DO NOT put your photovoltaics on the ground.
The fall rains soaked the ground under the frame, which then froze in to the dirt.
Then the melted snow that fell off the roof slopped on to the bottom of the frame
and essentially cemented the frame and lower panel in to a blob of ice.
A lot of scary shovel work and a few gallons of warm water was required to melt things
enough for me to extract the frame from the ground. The next step is to mount it
against the house off of the ground.

Another attempt to capture some colors.

Desperate measures.
With the windows lacking any caulking and lots of thermal leaks, we resorted to a temporary
solution to the heat loss-- a plastic wall that created a 16 x 16 foot enclosure around the
wood stove in the living room. This trick worked out amazingly well. What it did not do was
keep the kitchen warm enough to stop our food from freezing. So we had to remember to bring
veggies inside the plastic at night.

House Set48 Pics