House Set53 Pics

I spent many months on the lookout for a fully enclosed shower and finally found one.
There are numerous strategy issues here.

Keeping the steam from a shower enclosed within the shower makes for a very warm shower
environment. Steam has incredible energy storage capacity, which is exactly why it is used
for industrial energy transfer. Even a few gallons of water used in a shower will evaporate
and warm the air in an enclosed shower enough that one forgets how cold it was when one got in
to the shower.

Also, I wanted the ability to contain the shower moisture in order to keep the house humidity
lower in the winter time.

Luckily, we had a simple opening left to get the shower in to the house.

And lucky again, we did not need to hack any bracing to get the shower in to
the bathroom.

Sealing the basement wall so that we can get the dirt leveled out the next day.

The basement shop after some clean up.

A metal insulated door on the root cellar.
This door was intercepted on it's way to the dumpster.

Serious leveling on the north side with a dozer.

House Set54 Pics