House Set59 Pics

Some one (NOT ME!) attempted Sword In The Stone------BACKWARDS!!!
Took me a while to extract this out of the hole that was noticeably smaller than the screw driver blade.

The newly installed PV panels wiring.
Found the flexible conduit at a salvage yard for something like 50 cents.

Now I have rat proof wiring outside and some flexibility to rotate panels to track the sun.

James convinced me that he could chisel through the rest of the basement wall since I already
had a couple of holes already drilled through. This saved a trip to town AND rental on a real
drill and bit to finish the wall hole to get the well plumbing through.

After we got the small frozen plug of water melted in the line, we verify that we can get close to
the rated pump flow. This is 2 or 3 times the flow we had immediately after plumbing the well.

Finally, a pull down ladder installed for attic access.

House Set60 Pics