House Set61 Pics

The finished racks. These are a compromise until I get a tracking structure installed.
In the low winter sun, my system will charge at 20 amps now, compared to about 12 amps
when I had a longer than necessary run of #6 wire from the panels to the charge controller.

My flea market junk box power supply. This will produce 26v at about 4.5 amps unregulated.
I lose about 3 volts down the Romex run of about 220 feet to the pump.

Fresh powder late December 2002.

Once again, I managed to get my panel racks under the eves too close.
The big stuff slips past the lower panel edges. The small stuff lands
right on the track slot that secures the lower edge of the panels.
I miss calculated by about an inch or two.

Building a snow plow drag with some dumpster dived (intercepted) 6x6 beams.
Eight foot lengths on a 90 degreee wedge works out real nice.
I built most of it in the dark (is there a better time to build them?)
I needed to do this so that we would not get snowed in, since the neighbor's
plow was broken.

House Set62 Pics