House Set67 Pics

I realized that some mechanical advantage on the piston was a much easier approach
than brute force with a knee and my body weight.

I load the baler to just overflowing and modest pre-pressure on stuffing.

A view of the latching mechanism that allows me to roll the baler on it's side
to make tying off the baling wire a whole lot easier.

It doesn't look like much from this shot, yet it is a very
tight bale and is far more rectangular than it looks.

No kitchen is complete without a cement mixer. I assembled this around midnight one
evening. I was able to mix stucco probably 20 times faster than doing it manually.
I was blown away at how fast it would mix. It also allowed me to make a 5 gallon batch
and get the consistency right that would not have been possible doing it manually due
to the viscosity. One or maybe two gallons at a time are the most that can be done by hand.

My first batch of "mixered" stucco.

House Set68 Pics