House Set94 Pics

Nothing like screeding in your underwear. This morning got real warm by the time the cement truck arrived.

Digger doing his magic on surface finish.

A door on hings will replace this right hand French door to allow outside access from the basement.
The left French door will be replaced with a door that will allow direct basement access to the inside
of the green house.

A bear's eye view of the green house floor.

This is the east end of the green hosue area. This will be under a separate roof from the green house glass.
This area will be for storage of green house supplies and tools that will be out of the weather.

This depecits an amazing experience.
I was attempting to get wiring to this switch box that had been inadvertantly been enclosed
behind sheet rock. I had a ceiling junction box for a light that we decided to keep in place.
I measured off two paths in horizontal and vertical relative to the ceiling box in order to figure
out where to drill blind from the attic in to the wall above the switch box. With dead reconing off the
ceiling juntion box, I drilled a hole through sheet rock and a 2x4 in the ceiling, and then dropped this
hex driver through the hole in the ceiling. I heard it clank on the switch box, so I knew I was "there",
assuming that I would now have ot figure out how to get it through the conduit retainer in the top of the
switch box. Upon leaving the attic, I walked in to the room and was shocked to see that I had hit a half inch
diameter hole from just dead reconing measurements. The key piece of this was Pythagorean Theorem I had learned
in 6th grade. (Few college students these days even remember what that means!) This was my best case scenario
story so far in terms of house construction horror stories.

House Set95 Pics