Pyramid Lake Oct 2013 Set 4 Pics

What I would have for sure missed had the burn not happened was this little
gem of a rock pile.
It is not on the 7 1/2 minute topo, even though it is well beyond 40 feet
above the surrounding area.

A view to the SW across the Brietenbush River canyon.
The knob on the left is hidden under the section number on the topo map.

Looking back toward Pyramid Lake.

Pyramid Butte from the rock pile with Campbell Butte in the distance.

Finding Davey Lake just under the rock pile summit made the detour
well worth the effort.
Plus, the views from the rock pile are well worth a dedicated trip to
it alone just for the experience.

Close inspection inferred that Davey Lake would not offer much for
camp site options.

Looking SE to Pyramid Butte from the summit of the rock pile.

Davey Lake from the north shore.

Pyramid Lake Oct 2013 Set 5