rains end 2001 Set 1 Pics

Daylight on the sweat lodge rocks.

Hood River flowing through the Rains End site.
Heavy rains in September of 2000 backed up behind a glacier on Mt. Hood.
When the water broke through the glacier it swept over 200,000 cubic yards of
volcanic sand and gravel in to the Hood River drainage. The river bottom is now
covered with gravel so deep that almost all of the rocks that normally define the
bottom of the river are now covered. You can walk across this pool in bare feet and
all that you feel is loose sand. It is an amazing experience that is rather rare for
Cascade range rivers. The river is normally quite clear. The color of the water now is
from all of the volcanic silt that is still suspended in the water.

Don teaching basketry at the rivers edge.

Rains End 2001 Set2 Pics