Rickreall Feb 2009

Free chassis.

One item from a $5 VHF carcass box.

$2 for a box of heat sinks.

A $1 UHF carcass.

A homebrew VHF receiver with HRO dial mechanism.
I have been looking for one of these for many years.
I got this at he end fo the day for $35.
My plan is for ths dial mechanism to become a new HF rig.

A $1 Mitrek

A free FM IF module. The significant items on this are the dual crystals.

A free pair of VHF cavities.

A bunch of crank knobs left on an abandoned table.

A free home brew 1W VHF transmitter hunt unit and 2 free meters.

My pile of $1 VHF/UHF carcasses.

Way late in the day I was given this hardline for free.

Bench overload from carcass parts.

Carcass VHF/UHF power transistors.

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