Adam demonstarting use of a hand forged adz.

Dr. Margaret Mathewson working on the start of a basket.

Mandy making a willow shoot basket.

Dr. Margaret Mathewson teaching basketry.

Jack Fee's examples of felted clothing and gear.

Orion and student picking wool before felting begins.

Jack Fee and student starting to felt a hat.

Colleen and her first friction fire!

Another first friction fire.

Wiley at the forge.

Steven and John testing a simple preindustrial bellows design.

Steven and Roadkill at the Post Industrial Collapse forge.
We actually were able to reduce hematite to metal in this setup!

Stephanie pressure flaking obsidian with a copper rod flaking tool.
Her copper flaking tool is almost an exact replication of the tool found in the gear
of "The Man In The Ice" of the Italian Alps discovery around 1993.

Larry demonstrating percussion flaking with a Moose antler billet.

Larry setting up flaking platforms by scraping a copper flaker against the edge of the obsidian.

Kids doing workshops.

More kids in the plaster of Paris molds workshop.

Molly in a weaving workshop.

A typical morning meeting.

Do not attempt this at home!

Lou telling a story at the evening main fire.

Mors Kochansky teaching his survival class.

Carving a mask out of wood.

Erin and a brained Beaver pelt ready for softening.

Pottery from John Olsen's class drying before firing.

Rob Withrow teaching arrow shaft knocking.

Sam carving (an atlatl?).

Tim's slate Ulu knife workshop.

The Tatoo girls working on a large project.

A closer look at temporary tatooing.

A trade blanket on the last day.

A cattail visor in progress.

A late night crew at Jim Riggs' cattail wickiup.

A Buffalo hide staked out for softening in the Brusmas workshop..

Lori and Randy starting to soften their Buffalo hide.

Now for the real work: softening by hand!

Wayne demonstrating a fast way to string a hide into a frame.

Wayne getting a bit more descriptive about the precedure.

Matt Richards facilitating the stone age (no metal tools!) brain tan buckskin class.

The stone age brain tanners soaking their hides in brains soup in a dugout canoe.

Making a bone tool form an Elk leg.

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