Silver King Lake Sept 2006

Bull of the Woods Wilderness Oregon Cascades

Silver King Lake is located near the headwaters of Hot Springs Fork of the
Collowash River in the Oregon Cascades.

One route is a trail that follows Hot Springs Fork of the Collowash River
from Bagby Hot Springs trailhead.

Another route is to start from Elk Lake and climb up to the ridge that heads
east over toward Twin Lakes. The climb out of Elk Lake is steep, yet worth it
for the views to the east while the trail follows a rather constant contour
near the ridge top.

The route shown here is via a dead end logging road that terminates due west
of the confluence of Betty Creek and Host Springs Fork. This route requires about
a mile of cross country travel, with no trails, deep in old growth. Experience
with map and compass is a prerequisite for this route. The trail from Bagby meets
the river at Betty Creek. The Betty Creek area at the river offers a superb scenery
stop for lunch or a water break. The climb out of Betty Creek is a serious calorie burn.
There is a nice campsite near the river about half way between Silver King and Betty.

I stumbled across this USGS marker in the middle of the woods (without GPS!).

What to look for when travelling cross country in search of a trail.

One of the rocky outcroppings on the south edge of the lake.

If you come in from Elk Lake you will drop in from
the saddle at the top of this picture.

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