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WA7MLH Set 1

WA7MLH Set 2

WA7MLH Set 3

WA7MLH Set 4


Field Day 2001

Shared OSHPark RF PCBs

Shared OSHPark Modular RF PCBs

Salem OR Shack 2008

80m/40m Band Imaging RX

80m/40m Band Imaging RX2

80m/40m Band Imaging RX3

Rickreall Hamfest 2009

2nd Rickreall Hamfest 2009

GPLA Double Tuned Circuit

GPLA 20m Double Tuned Circuit Tutorial

Homebrew HF Power Amps

EMRFD DTC Filter Design Tutorial

15W HF LDMOS Linear Amp

Updates: November 2009

Rickreall Feb 2009 Hamfest

Rickreall 2003 Hamfest

Rickreall October 2003 Hamfest

Rickreall October 2004 Hamfest

Rickreall February 2006 Hamfest

SEAPAC 2007 Hamfest

Rickreall October 2008 Hamfest

Rickreall October 2009 Hamfest

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