House Set31 Pics

A better view of the roofing ladder scheme.

The rope on the lower rung has a pair of Vice Grips on the other end. This scheme allows
someone on the ground to clamp on to a 2 foot wide 11 foot long section of roofing and then
help the guy on the roof ladder hoist it up and in to place. This method worked very well.

This was the magic moment when we realized that we were done with worrying about the weather
and the threat of snow. With the roof complete and the ridge cap in place, the house would
function in all kinds of weather.

That is my head sticking throuh a hole in the roof that I cut with my reciprocating saw so that
we could get some stove pipe installed and get the wood stove in place in order ot have some heat
in the work area.

Installing the stove pipe roof jack.

House Set32 Pics