House Set35 Pics

Installing a matched pair of windows in the corner of the living room.

I found these windows as salvage at a glass shop across the valley.
They used to be in a convalescent home. The crank mechanisms became too stiff
for many of the elderly to use, so these were removed and replaced. They were in great
shape with wood frames (metal frames are a bad idea in Montana winters) and double paned.
Our house vocabulary referes to these as "the convalesents" or "convalescent windows".
These represent many themes and items that have generated unique vocabulary pretaining to
how things happened on this project, or what things happened.

Guruka and me in front of the open wood stove.

What littel is left after the Elk got my straw bales during the winter.

Guruka contemplating her new kitchen window.
I found this window at salvage yard in Portland for next to nothing.

House Set36 Pics