House Set36 Pics

Framing in the new kitchen window rough opening.

The new kitchen window installed from the inside for now.
This will need to be attached from the outside.
A hard rain against this will allow water to drain to the inside.

My first set of batteries and off grid system stuff for the house.
I found these sealed gel cells new in the box at a surplus store in Portland for
$35 each, as I recall. They are 88AH each at 12v. This temporary lash up allowed us
to have solar powered lighting and to be able to charge the cordless drills without the
need for the generator. Top right corner is a Trace C40 charge controller. The blue unit
is a 500W modifed sine inverter (more appropriately a modifed square wave inverter), and
a 240W true sine inverter in the back next to the batteries.

House Set37 Pics