House Set42 Pics

Daylight on the new ceiling sheet rock.

Cliff moving bails so that we can get in to the other ceiling corner.

Starting the last row over the kitchen on the north wall.

It got so hot in the afternoon that it was too hot to wear regular clothes!

A vacated birds nest from the spring.

Rebuilding the supports for raising the convalescent window above where it was.

At this point we could see that raising the window was the right thing to do.
The question was whether to stick with single sliding glass doors in the corner slots.
We decided not to in that they were going to be a tight fit and would provide more surface
area than I wanted in terms of thermal performance in the winter. Thye also were not going to
cooperate in terms of visuals--the lines would have conflicted with the convalescents.
So we opted for convalescents all the way around for the panorama view with clean lines.

Getting this second window in begged for half sets in the corner.
At this point Guruka convinced me to invest the time to investigate whether
we could split a double casement set into singles.

So we dropped in to the basement and pulled off some trim and found that the
entire casement set was stapled together along a center seam. The windows sets
turned out to be 4 completely autonomous windows that were stapled together in to
the full frame.

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