House Set43 Pics

So we simply had to cut through the full length frame pieces along the top
and bottom and the full set separated in to a very clean matching pair.
This also meant that we could carry a single set all on our own without the
need for the block and tackle to get it raised in to the front door opening.

Framing for a single convalescent window and some shear paneling.

A single convalescent installed. We left it offset from the corner so that we could bale
in the corner for insulation and also to try and blend out the asymmetry of the two posts.

All the living room corner windows installed and functioning! This is a major milestone!
Sleeping under the stars through the windows was really great.

A hutch rescused before it was sent to Goodwill.

A donated sink just begged for getting mounted. It was amazing to actually not need
to hike to the door to dump out kitchen water. It is a minimalist installation.

It was quite impressive how quick and cheap and easy it was to transition
in to garden hose. Next trip we will convert to 2" pipe. The problem with
this scheme is that it clogs real easy, which requires all visitors to be
educated about how to use it.The ease of adapting to inch and a half or two
inch pipe straight away would have been the better way to go. It would not
have been much more effort or time and would have worked so much better.

Guruka wanted a shower so I made her one. It is really awesome to be able to shower
under the stars at night. The pallets keep our feet out of the dirt.

Our sink "grey water" system! Next trip will have a back hoe make a real one.

Gravity feed on the sink drain works amazingly well.

House Set44 Pics