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Installing sliding door set number 1 of 4. We found these at a garage sale.

Sliding door number 2 and it seems reasonably straight forward.

Sliding glass door set frame number 3 gets installed. I am so relieved to see
how fast it went in. So I drop in the door and it is about 6 inches too short!
The garage sale guy I bought them from is 650 miles away. So I do some custom
wood work and make a syntehtic top rail for it and it is working enough to keep
the rats and mice out.

Door set number 4 installed just a wee bit off square.
This set was intercepted on it's way to the dump from a remodel.
Another lesson.
We were deep in to the frame being attached only to realize that neither
window could not be installed from the inside. So the post was totally
in the way for a front install. So we had to unscrew the top and sides of
the frame and tilt the frame back inside the basement. Then we could get the fixed
door in past the wide opening and up past the frame on the inside, then slid over
the top of the frame and dropped into the bottom rail slot. Then to realize that
the sliding window had to be inserted FIRST in the way the mechanics
of it all worked. So we hoist out the fixed, install the slider and then position
the fixed so that the frame center top can bend enough to let it get in to both
rails. Another lesson we learned, almost the hard way, is that you want one
person on each side of the glass doors so that if one of them gets off balance,
you don't drop it through to crash in to pieces on the side you can't get to.

A shot of our success in getting the entire basement rat proofed.
We were able to do it all with dumpster dived plywood and never needed
to even turn on the saw to make any cuts. All temporary of course.
Ultimately these plywood pieces will be replaced with straw bale wall sections
and with black solar panel heat exchangers. At least that is the plan.

This is the west side of the basement, covered with semiconductor equipment
crates that I dumpster dived. I got lucky in that they all had one dimension the
same so I used that for the vertical sections across the bottom. They are held in
with deck screws so that I can take them off quick and easy.

Tyco helping me with floor plan B. Moving walls sucks. But it is possible
when the walls have been pre-assembled as self contained structural units.

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