House Set51 Pics

Cutting off the end of a floor joist in order to not fire up the generator.
And that it was cold enough that it would have taken as long to get the generator
started as to just bow saw off the end of the joist.

The middle section complete.

Now the AE system batteries can have a home instead of on pallets.

Two sets of Trojan L16s with some industrial grade gell cells I found surplus new in the box.
A couple of them were dead. I bought 10 of them for $35 each. They are 88AH each. Eventually
I will wire all of this up to be able to run power tools. Right now they are wired for
convenience and to just support lights and small loads like the stereo and my ham shack.

The remodeled battery enclosure and the rest of the system bolted to the wall
instead of a Gilligan's Island rats nest of temporariness.

The system is clearly not to code, yet is getting close.

Making a bedroom closet that the mice can't get in to.

Fresh snow from a mid May storm.

House Set52 Pics