House Set52 Pics

A view out the new opening for a kitchen window.

Finally: A use for all of the scrap pieces of 2x4.
These will keep the straw bales off of the floor in case of any water spills.
Many thanks to Dr. Larry Schlusler for this idea.

A new bale needle. We needed to make some custom bales. This is just a scrap steel rod
that I ground a point on and then drilled a hole through the point. Like a giant sewing needle.

Measuring off the right height minus an inch to accomdate for the fact that I can not make a
home made bale come out as compressed as much as they are when they come off of the baling machine.

After the two new bale sections have been secured with rebar wire (it does not stretch much)
the original baling twine is cut to allow the two new bales to be separated.

House Set53 Pics