House Set55 Pics

The rain gutter contractor never showed up last fall.
Needless to say, my idea of water catchment for the green house looks like it will work.

Late night hacking on some electronics carcasses in order to make 24V DC arrive at
the well pump 300 ft away at the creek. This was a successful task in that we got it all
to work with alligator clips and a string of diodes and a power resistor. It took 7 minutes
for us to get the pump to fill 300 feet of one inch ID plastic pipe with about 50 feet of
head. We then verified that there was enough pressure to run the water through a Multipure
filter that I replumbed for this application. It was a big event to have running potable
water after realizing that the idea was 3 years late in happening.

My Gilligan's Island water system. Quite temporary, of course.

Trenching for the water line.

Now this was a surprise. Last summer the mice were getting in to the bathroom
via the gap between the outside plywood and the framing. The gap was not at all
visible form the outside on a casual glance. A few more deck screws and the gap
was secured, without realizing that at least one mouse was now trapped in the bathroom.
By late spring, the scritching in the corner of the bathroom was rather pronounced.
Once we cleared out the bathroom to get the shower installed, we found out what all the
scritching was about. Not sure if the mouse got out another route or not.

A bad lighting shot of the attic floor so far.
This allowed me to get all of my stone age gear out of the bathroom.

House Set56 Pics