House Set58 Pics

When I arrived in mid Sept, the basement had an obvious aroma
that I am all to familiar with. The question was, Where did the
rat get stuck and die. It could have been under any board or who
knows what. I made a trip out near the west side of the basement and
saw someting oddly fuzzy near the creek pipe. Upon closer examination
I find a dead rat hanging out of the hole that the pipe went through.
It got stuck going against the grain if the plywood edge, and the plastic
pipe was too slippery to get a grip on to pull itself out.
Needless to say, it was not a pleasant aroma.

The well casing with pump wire installed.

Our rather unorthodox pump interface. Half inch tubing was not what
Rick was used to dealing with on well pumps. He also struggled with
our idea that around one gallon per minute would be of much use to
us when most people can put 30gpm to actual use. Yet 1gpm is a lot
more than zero. Profoundly more. So the next strategy is to use this
pump to fill a 1550 gallon tank that is in the basement and create
pressure from that with a more generic pump intended for such situattions.

Our first flowing well water!

House Set59 Pics