House Set66 Pics

Stuccoing the corner. It works best if you start after midnight.

Corner section scratch coat complete. This consumed about 8 gallons of stucco.
Thickness varies from about half an inch to one inch of thickness. It will get at
least another inch to inch and a half of additional stucco.

My new custom straw baler.

By adding shims inside and shims to the piston I can make the bales come out to
just about whatever size I like. This is a must have for doing straw bale construction.

This is what adding 6" think bales looks like on top of the regular bales.

My new PV rack. This is on wheels so I can manually track.

These are some old French doors I got for $10 each at a salvage yard.

An old large paned window my inlaws found in the attic of their new house.
It was mine for the taking. This one adds a lot more light in to the basement.

This is a shot of my solar panel heating ducts. The physical sequence from the
outside is double paned sliding glass door on top of flaty black sheet metal roofing
on top of some firring baffles on top of the shear panel plywood just under the
living room windows. Some muffin fans and differential temperature sensor will make
the fan run if the sheet metal is warmer than the inside air.

House Set67 Pics